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When technology serves and women take control

It's the year 2046 ...

Women have sex with willingness, pleasure and sense of security. They are informed about their own reproductive rights and have control over pregnancy and reproduction.
The majority of babies are conceived naturally, without use of technology. However, every pregnant woman has access to screenings and precise gene therapy for the baby, should any issues arise. The gene editing technology is highly regulated to ensure that it is used only when really needed.
I, as a woman without biological kids, am respected and my choices are not questioned. I am seen as a fulfilled women even without 'fulfilling my reproductive mission'.

Three problematic trends
Trend 1: Unequal access to gene modifying technologies ('designer babies'), and growing divide with inequalities rooted as deep as in DNA.
Trend 2: Growing reproductive pressure on women in countries that have embraced the traditional trajectory of development: hindered access to abortion, religious pressure, reproductive violence.
Trend 3: Declining involvement in sexual relationship - how will decision to reproduce be made?

A positive development
1. Everyone have equal access to the gene editing precise therapy.
2. Women's reproductive rights are respected and government does't try to solve demographic issues by pressuring women.
3. Sex is an integral part of life and a way the majority of babies are conceived.

This image of the future was anonymously submitted by someone describing themselves as:
"I am a woman in her early 30s who probably will not have biological children by choice. But I exist in the middle of the complex interplay of thoughts, doubts, values, opinions, reproductive violence, norms, body changes that make me reflect on my personal future and futures of reproduction in general."
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