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Chosen family

It's the year 2040 ...

My kid will be a teenager and they will have been raised by a group of chosen family, surrounded by people from all ages and with different backgrounds.
Society will have implemented laws that allow several people to care for each other as well as children. It no longer matters who is a biological parent and who isn't. Men have learned to take care work seriously and do their part.
We all learn to heal from the pains and trauma that patriarchy, white supremacy and capitalism have brought upon us - and we abolish them.

Three problematic trends
Trend 1: Nuclear family is still the norm.
Trend 2: There will be more 'selection' in who has the financial means for producing and raising children well.
Trend 3: Companies might become more involved in their employees family planning.

A positive development
Children will be raised in communities with lots of support for them and all care-takers, people who want to have children have the means to do that (and those who don't want to be parents have the right to choose as well), companies have no hidden means to get involved in their employees family planning.

This image of the future was anonymously submitted by someone describing themselves as:
"I have been doing reproductive work in the sense of care work since I can remember - being raised as a girl. Experienced how my mother struggled with it as a single mom with little support by family or the state. I do want to build and raise a child in a co-parenting setting, and I know that I will enjoy being a parent despite the challenges. But I am not looking forward to being a mother in this society."
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