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Care-free (financially)

It's the year 2060 ...

We are at a playground, there are happy parents of all genders and ages running around play chasing games with their children. They seem light and happy – no phones are present, they all are at the moment and fully attentive. They not only interact with their own child but also other parents, children, neighbours, local shop owners … Their finances during the first three years after having a child are taken care by the government. It's easy to find a KITA spot, it works digitally and automatically via an app on the phone. Every family also gets assigned a bigger apartment from the city with single rooms for every child.

Three problematic trends
Trend 1: Social freezing!!! such a capitalist bullshit!
Trend 2: Surrogacy, wtf?

A positive development
In the future, people deciding that they want children will have the help and resources to do so from their social environment, workplace and state. They won't have to think twice about postponing their desire and therefore risking their health, because they will have an easy way to adapt space in their life to take care of a child.

This image of the future was anonymously submitted by someone describing themselves as:
"I'm a CIS-woman, still able to reproduce, feeling a pressure to do so by myself and society, unsure knowing if I want to take the responsibility in this scary world not made for people working self-employed."
Originally submitted in English.
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