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It takes a village

It's the year 2050 ...

Back to the "community" way of living, where different people live together, sharing space and time. Back to the "village" concept. Reproduction - and not only growing- might be a community matter too.
Countryside, open community. Children belong to the community and not the person who gave birth to them.

Three problematic trends
Trend 1: Role of female and mothers in society
Trend 2: Poor welfare
Trend 3: Lack of "the village" to growth a child

A positive development
In the future, a majority of newborns will be born to families that have supporting gov-services that allows parents and especially mothers (female) to grown child without give up to their ambitions.

This image of the future was anonymously submitted by someone describing themselves as:
"I'm a creative human being, a designer, female and next to be mum."
Originally submitted in English.
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