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A world built upon reflection

It's the year 2083 ...

People will stop worrying and overvaluing a corporate culture. People will be more happy & fulfilled. Some byproducts of this are: productivity, benevolence, solidarity, constructivism, existentialism, respect, empathy. This includes governments that will provide for their people and neighbour countries in a fair and equal way. There is a sense of safety that brings more tolerance and more cooperation.

Three problematic trends
Trend 1: Quality food will not be accessible everywhere.
Trend 2: A growing human cannot thrive in a the capitalistic model of today.
Trend 3: Hyper competitiveness with limited resources.

A positive development
In the future, people will be mindful of having quality food (with the assumption that other priorities are already managed) and it will be abundant and accessible in every corner of the world. People will have more time for themselves to grow and thrive in a balanced way, all human aspects will be valued equally. You will not have to fight to have access to resources (in every corner of the world , cause Germany/Europe is not a reference for other places).

This image of the future was anonymously submitted by someone describing themselves as:
"I am a student adult and I have experienced a spontaneous miscarriage as well as an abortion. At this point I don't have the resources to have a baby but I would like to have a child one day."
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