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Wonder Excursions

Dear A.,

I’m always enjoying seeing you and your beautiful family. I am happy to see everyone as often as I want to and to share thoughts and opinions freely.
It is very nice that all the infrastructure to travel is provided and is powered by environmentally friendly energy resources.
Let’s do the wonder excursions by bike again, I loved them.
See you soon, love

For the future of tourism I hope that… people discover more of their own countries.
If I could wish for anything at all, I would… travel with lesser co2 output.
If I were a powerful politician, I would… give more money for education.

This image of the future was anonymously submitted by someone describing themselves as:
"I’m a 62 year old mother of two children and three grandchildren. I’m helping out my husband in his dental office and my daughter with the kids, 260 km away. I am travelling by car, in non pandemic times by train. I will never fly near distances."
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