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Nomadic living as the new normal

Dear Roman,

I had a great week. I love nomadic living. It's fantastic that there is the model of paying-what-you-can home ownership. Everyone is included. In the place we are currently living there is a forest and small lake. We can't see any of the other structures but every day we see many hiking by as the property is communal and not just nomads can use it, anyone has access to the land.

We are in the 6 month plan and shift to work and experience new places twice a year. We have connected so that our extended family is currently moving together. My brother and sister both have residence here and we are all moving in 4 more months to Utah. This time it will be the mountains.

Since airline travel is limited we rarely get to experience far reaching parts of the world so we have really been enjoying the VR immersion stations. I sometimes wonder if they aren't better than real travel. The fact that AI changes the experience for each user based on known key facts amazes me. It's a fantastic opportunity for locals in these tourist towns to download their thoughts digitally so off the beaten path experiences are in the millions. You can walk down the same street 50 times and have 50 different experiences and they are all fun or exciting or romantic or whatever.... never boring.
We just got a new replicator so enjoying the food from our vacation spots is also a lot of fun. Meeting locals and travelling as a group could not be better.

I'm glad they reintroduced the travel time to get to different locations. They make the trip more fun. When it was just one amazing thing after the other without breaks it was easy to get tired out and it was hard to top the last great experience. It's way better to anticipate the arrival of something new. As well, the conversations you have along the way are some of the highlights of the trip.

Even though VR is fantastic and when I'm there I can't tell it's not the real thing. There is still a little something extra in a real experience and digging my feet into real sand somehow is different from doing it in VR.
One thing I don't miss is the commute to work. That's part of what makes everyday seem like a vacation – so much time to ourselves that would have been in a car or on a bus.

I love that the line between live/work and play is blurred.
So what about you, Roman? I hear you are taking your family to the moon for 2051. I want to hear all about it.

For the future of tourism I hope that… we give back more than we take.
If I could wish for anything at all, I would… wish for culture to continue to develop rather than the world becoming one flavour – vanilla. We are becoming more the same – celebrate difference.
If I were a powerful politician, I would… make the world accessible by train. A huge night train business that makes it accessible for everyone.

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