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Your associations with "ageing"?
#Health issues

Tell us more about your future of ageing. What's it like?
Imagine you are 72, 80 or even 99 years old: How and with whom do you live together?
Intergenerational community with lots of activities. A hostel life with some constant people for comfort and many variable people for excitement.
Who are the most important people in your life and how do you spend time with them?
Students, friends, if I have a partner, maybe them.
What is your sex and love life like in the future?
Mostly about comfort, understanding and conversation.
Thinking into the future: How do you manage to stay mentally and physically fit?
I contribute to the community through body and mind. My significance as a person gives me enough to do to be physically active and mentally sound. Good weather keeps my mood great.
How do you afford everyday life in the future?
Apart from a steady pension, my consulting and gigs pay me enough for my needs and beyond. Insurance covers any extra expenses for health or professional inability.
Thinking of your future older self: What do you get up for in the morning?
To be excited for something new every day. To have a great breakfast. To enjoy a good discussion or game with those I live with.

You're looking back at your fulfilled life and a much younger friend of yours asks about your secret of happiness and fullfillment. What do you tell them? What would you recommend to them?
Forget the norm and try to understand yourself better. Think of alternatives to what you aren't satisfied with and seek or build these. Smile at people. Listen well. Be a good host.

This image of the future was anonymously submitted by someone describing themselves as:
31, female UX designer from India. I teach, make music and love conversations. Bisexual and averse to traditional ideas of love, money and politics.
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